Waid Observatory

IC 4601

Date: June 17-18, 2021  -   Location: Davis Mountains, TX
Telescope: 10in. RC   Mount: Paramount MX   Camera: Apogee ALTA F8300M
Exposure:   L = 240 min. (bin 1x1 - 20 min. exp.)  R,B,G = 90 min. each - (bin 2x2 - 10 min. exp.)

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IC 4601


IC 4601 - Reflection Nebula in Scorpius 1

IC 4601 is a reflection nebula located in the southern constellation of Scorpius approximately 420 light years from the Earth.  The nebula is part of a much larger region known as the Blue Horsehead (IC 4592).  The blue color of reflection nebulae results from the scattering of light off of very small dust particles.  The blue light's characteristic wavelength matches the small, smoke sized, dust particles better than other colors of light.  The young hot blue stars embedded within the dust cloud radiates strongly in the blue spectrum.  This gives the nebula its blue color.  The same phenomenon is responsible for our own brilliant blue earthly sky.


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