Waid Observatory

Object: IC4603 - IC4604 Mosaic
Date: June 2019   -   Location: Davis Mountains west of Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: Stellarvue SV102ED  -  Camera: SBIG ST-8300
Combined Exposure: Lum = 380 min., Red = 170 min., Green = 160 min., Blue = 180 min.
Click on the image below to view at higher resolution.

IC 4603 / 4604
Rho Ophiuchi Nebula1

The image above is a two panel mosaic that includes IC4604 and IC4603.  These two objects, and the reflection nebula surrounding them, are part of the large Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex in the constellation Ophiuchus.  (North is to the left.)  This nebular complex is approximately 400 light-years from the Earth.  IC4604 is centered on Rho Ophiuchi, the triple star system to the left, and IC4603 is centered on the two bright stars located right of center in the image above.

The two panels that make up the mosaic may be viewed here: IC4604  -  IC4603   (North is up.)


Copyright Donald P. Waid