Waid Observatory

Object: IC 5067
July, 2014   -   Location: Denton, TX
Telescope: AT12RC  -  Camera: ST-10XME  - Filters: Astrodon Ha, SII, OIII, R,G,B
Exposure: SII = 200 min. Ha = 220 min. OIII = 4220 min.
Guided using Innovations Foresight ONAG

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IC 5067

IC5067 is a ridge of gas and dust that comprises the neck of the larger Pelican Nebula.  Located at the tip of the long pillar extending to the left of the "ridge" are 2 jets of gas and dust.  This formation is designated as Herbig-Haro 555.  These jets are ejected from the accretion disk surrounding a newly formed proto-star embedded in the pillar.

The image above was assembled from three narrowband filtered images.  These consisted of SII mapped to red, Ha mapped to green, and OIII mapped to blue.  The Ha filtered image was also used for the luminance channel.  The resulting image is a false color image using the standard Hubble palette.

Copyright Donald P. Waid