Waid Observatory

Object: M63
Date: 06/04-05/2016           Location: Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: Intes MK-69    -    Mount: MI-250  -   Camera: ST-2000
Exposure: L = 180 min. R, G, = 60 min. each and B = 55 min.
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M63 The Sunflower Galaxy 1

Discovered 1779 by Pierre Mechain.

M63 was the very first discovery of a Deep Sky object by Messier's friend, Pierre Mechain.

The Sunflower galaxy, M63, is one of the early recognized spiral galaxies.  It has been classified as a Hubble type Sb or Sc, displaying a patchy spiral pattern which can be traced well to the periphery of its only 6 arc seconds small smooth-textured central region.  Although 6 degrees south of M51, it is considered part of a physical group consisting M51 and several smaller galaxies.  M63 lies in the constellation Canes Venatici and is approximately 37 million light years from our Milky Way galaxy.


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