Waid Observatory

Object: M107
Date: 06/21/2009           Location: Denton, Texas
Telescope:   -   C14  -  Mount:  MI-250  
Camera: ST-10XME  -   Filters: Astrodon TruBalance CRBG
Exposure: L = 60 min.  -   R,G & B = 30 min. each
(All sub exposures = 5 min. each)
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M107 Globular cluster in Orphiuchus

M107 - Globular Cluster in Orphiuchus 1

Discovered 1782 by Pierre Méchain.

This cluster of stars is probably the last Messier object to be discovered.  it was found by Pierre Méchain in 1782 and he probably intended it to be included in a future addition of Charles Messier’s catalog. It, however, was not added to the original catalog.  Due primarily to Dr. Helen Sawyer Hogg's efforts while working at the David Dunlop Observatory, it was finially added to the list in 1947.  M107 appears less dense than most other globular clusters and apparently contains some “dark obscured” regions. This rather loose stellar grouping enables astronomers the opportunity to better study the interstellar regions within the cluster. The cluster is about 21,000 light years distant and lies in the constellation Orphiuchus.


  Copyright Donald P. Waid