Waid Observatory

Object: NGC 869 & 884
Date: 10/17&18/2012 - Location: Denton, Texas
Telescope: ATRC12 - Camera: ST10-XME - Image: 2 Pane Mosaic
Total Exposure: Lum = 130 min. - R = 70 min. - G = 62 min. - B = 60 min.

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NGC 884 869 - The Double Cluster


NGC 869 & 884 (The Double Cluster) 1

The famous Double Cluster, NGC 869 and NGC 884, is located in the constellation Perseus and has been know since ancient times.  The Greek astronomer Hipparcos first recorded it.  The two clusters lie at a distance of 7,100 and 7,400 light years respectively from earth.  The clusters are very young and are estimated to have formed in the last few million years. This cluster of stars is one of my favorite visual objects.  In even a modest telescope, the Double Cluster is truly a beautiful sight!


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