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Object: NGC 1245
Nov. 13, 2022    -    Location: Davis Mountains west of Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: 10 in. RC   Mount: Paramount MX   Camera: Apogee Alta F8300M
Exposure: Lum = 45 min. Bin 1x1   R G & B = 30 min. each Bin 1x1  -  All 3 min. sub-exposures
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NGC 1245


NGC 1245

NGC 1245 is an intermediate age open cluster(2) located in the constellation Perseus(1) about 3,000 parsecs(1) (9785 light years) distance.  The age of the cluster has been estimated to be approximately 1 billion years(1,2) with about 200 member stars(1).  The center of the cluster appears to be somewhat lacking in stars(2 [pg.2-intro]).  The cluster shows evidence of mass segregation(1), which could account for the paucity of low mass central stars(1,3).

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2Annapurni Subramaniam - https://arxiv.org/pdf/astro-ph/0303319.pdf
3Mass Segregation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_segregation_(astronomy)

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