Waid Observatory

Object: NGC 1502
Date: 12/09/2004   -   Location: Margate, Florida
Telescope: LX200GPS-12U   -   Camera: ST-10XME/AO-7
Exposure: L = 45 - R = 22 - G = 24 - B = 18 min. each.
Filters: Hutech LPS   -   Astrodon TruBalance CRGB filters.

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NGC 1502


NGC 1502 (Open Cluster in Camelopardalis)

NGC-1502 is a small open cluster of stars located at the end of Kemble's Cascade asterism.  It consists of approximately 45 member stars.  It is located in the faint northern constellation of Camelopardalis at at an approximate distance of 2,700 light years.  This lesser know cluster is a fine visual object in small amateur telescopes.

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