Waid Observatory

Object: NGC 1750 & NGC 1758

Date: Nov. 26, 2017  -  Location: Davis Mountains west of Fort Davis, Texas
Telescope: ATRC12  -  Camera: ST-10XME  -  Mount: MI-250
Exposure: Red, Green, & Blue = 160 min each - 10 min. sub-exposures
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NGC 1750 - NGC 1758

NGC 1750 & NGC 1758 1

NGC 1750 and NGC 1758, located in the constellation Taurus the Bull, are two open clusters that seem to overlap each other.  This is only an appearance and is due to their location in relation to our line of sight.  NGC 1750 is approximately 2,000 light-years from the Earth and NGC 1758 is about 500 light-years farther away.  The two clusters do not interact gravitationally. Click here to view a labeled image showing the location of each cluster.


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