Waid Observatory

NGC 1907
Date: Dec. 09, 2015      Location: Denton, TX
Telescope: ATRC12    -    Mount: MI-250  -   Camera: ST-10XME
Exposure: L = 45 min., R = 25 min., G and B = 20 min. each   -  Filters: Astrodon Tru-Balance
Guided using Innovations Foresight On Axis Guider (ONAG)
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NGC 1907

NGC 1907 - Open Cluster in Auriga 1

NGC 1907 is a small, not often imaged, open cluster located in the constellation Auriga.  It is approximately 4,500 light-years from our location in the Milky Way.  It contains about 50 member stars and spans a diameter of approximately 25 light-years.  The age of NGC 1907 is estimated to be about 500 million years.  The cluster is located roughly one degree south of M38, a much more expansive and better known cluster.


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