Waid Observatory

Object: NGC 1931
Date: Dec. 16-17, 2015    -    Location: Denton, TX
Telescope: ATRC12  Mount: MI-250   Camera: ST-10XME
Exposure: L & Ha = 100 min. each, R & G = 70 min. each, B = 60 min - Bin 1X1)
Guided using Innovations Foresight On Axis Guider (ONAG)
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NGC 1931


NGC 19311

NGC 1931 is a relatively small open cluster and nebulosity located in the constellation Auriga.  The object is roughly 3 arcmin in diameter and is approximately 7000 light years distant.  The complex is comprised of both red emission and bluish reflection nebulae.  Located in the center of the emission nebula is a hot young star cluster containing 4 stars outlining a trapezium shape.  For this reason, NGC 1931 is referred to as a small version the more famous Great Orion Nebula containing the Orion Trapezium Cluster.


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