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NGC 2392 - The Eskimo Nebula

NGC 2392 - The Eskimo Nebula 1

Discovered by William Herschel in 1787

The Eskimo is a 10th magnitude classic planetary nebula, with a 10.5 magnitude central star.  A relatively small object that subtends a mere 20 sec. of ark.  It lies some 3700 light years distant.

The Eskimo got its name from its appearance in ground-based photographs where the central "bubble" looks like a face surrounded by a parka.

The central star is HD 59088, a massive O8 star that is a suspected variable.

Detail can be seen in larger instruments when the seeing is good.  The large oval object is actually the surrounding gas and dust. It appears as a brighter patch surrounding the central star.  This patch is surrounded by a dark circle. The outer ring is composed of ejected gas from the aging star.

The nebula has a blue or green hue in larger instruments.


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