Waid Observatory

NGC 4725 - The One Arm Galaxy

Date: May 8-9-10, 2021  -   Location: Davis Mountains, TX
Telescope: 10in. RC   Mount: Paramount MX   Camera: Apogee ALTA F8300M
Exposure:   L = 180 min. (bin 1x1 - 15 min. exp)
R&G = 100 min. each, B = 110 min. (bin 2x2 - 10 min. exp)

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NGC 4725


NGC 4725 1
NGC 4725 is located in the constellation Coma Berenices approximately 40 million light years from the Earth.  The galaxy has a prominent ring structure surrounding a somewhat bar-like central region comprised of older stars.  There are significant active star formation regions in the ring structure.  NGC 4725 has been heavily disturbed by gravitational interaction with a neighboring galaxy (NGC 4747) located to the right in the image above.  As a result of this interaction, a single spiral has been "pulled out" from the main body of the galaxy.  This feature is responsible for the galaxy's common name, The One Arm Galaxy.


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