Waid Observatory

Object: NGC 5981, 5982, 5985
Date: Feb. 22, 2017   -   Location: DSOC - Davis Mountains, TX
Telescope:  PlaneWave CDK 17 -  Camera: STL-11000
Exposure: Bin (2x2) - Lum. = 120 min. - Red, Green, Blue = 60 min. each
Image Credit: Preston Starr, Scott Johnson, Donald Waid
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NGC 5982


The Draco Trio 1

The Draco Trio is a grouping of galaxies located in the constellation Draco.  From left to right in the image above; the edge on galaxy is NGC 5981, the center elliptical galaxy is NGC 5982, and the face on galaxy is NGC 5985.  These three galaxies are approximately 100 to 140 million light years from the Earth.  In addition to the three main galaxies, many distant background galaxies are also visible.  One very distant quasar (QSO B1537+595A) has been identified. A close up of the quasar may be viewed here.  The light from this object has been traveling over 10 billion years before reaching Earth.


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