Waid Observatory

Object: NGC 7822
Date: Oct. & Nov., 2015    -    Location: Denton, TX
Telescope: ATRC12  Mount: MI-250   Camera: ST-10XME
Exposure: SII = 6 hrs. - Ha = 6 hrs. - OIII = 5 hrs. - (30 min. sub-exposures. Bin 1X1)
Guided using Innovations Foresight On Axis Guider (ONAG)
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NGC 7822


Stellar Nursery in NGC 78221

NGC 7822 is a very large nebula and stellar nursery located in the constellation Cepheus approximately 3000 light-years distant.  Numerous columns, pillars, and Bok globules abound throughout the nebula. These formations are the birthplace of new stars currently forming in this huge complex of gas and dust. The image above spans a small area of this immense nebula showing some of the star forming regions that abound throughout the complex. The bright star in the image is designated SAO 10956.

The image above is known as a mapped, or false, color image and was acquired using narrowband filters.  It was assembled using the standard Hubble palette with SII mapped to Red, Ha mapped to Green and OIII mapped to Blue.  The stars were overlaid with color data from a separate RGB image.


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