Waid Observatory

Object: Sh2-114
Date: Sep. 7-8, 2021   -   Location: Davis Mountains west of Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: 10 in. RC   Mount: Paramount MX   Camera: Apogee F8300M
Exposure: Ha, OIII = 16x20 min. each   Red, Green, and Blue = 12x5 min. each
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Sh2-114 (The Flying Dragon Nebula) 1

Sh2-114, as listed in the Sharpless catalog, is a faint, little studied, nebula located in the constellation Cygnus the Swan.  It has a filamentous structure that resembles a supernova remnant such as NGC 6979 (Pickering's Triangle) found in the more famous Veil Nebula.  This, however, does not seem to be the case for Sh2-114 as no supernovae, or their remnants, have been detected in the area.

Many people see objects and animals in the clouds of our earthly skies.  The same is true for the clouds in the celestial sky.  Some see a dragon with wings soaring through the heavens and have named Sh2-114 the Flying Dragon Nebula.

The image above is known as a Bi-Color (Near True Color) image and was acquired using narrowband filters.  It was assembled by mapping Ha to Red and OIII to Blue and Green.  The stars were overlaid with color data from a standard Red, Green, and Blue filtered image.


Copyright Donald P. Waid