Waid Observatory

Object: Sh2-142 - The Wizard Nebula
Date: Oct. 6-8-13-14-16, 2017   -   Location: Davis Mountains west of Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: Stellarvue SV-102 ED  Mount: MI-250   Camera: ST-8300M
Exposure: SII = 340 min., Ha = 220 min., OIII = 480 min. (20 min. sub-exposures)
RGB Data for Stars: Red = 90 min., Green = 80 min., Blue = 90 min. (10 min. sub-exposures)

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Sh2-142 - NGC 73801

Sh2-142, as classified in the Sharpless catalog, is commonly known as the Wizard Nebula.  The nebula is located in the constellation of Cepheus at an approximate distance of 7,200 light years.  The nebula is an active stellar nursery where new stars are being added to a young open cluster designated NGC 7380.  The nebula spans a diameter of approximately 100 light years and extends over an area about the size of the full Moon.

The image above is known as a mapped, or false, color image and was acquired using narrowband filters.  It was assembled using the standard Hubble Palette with SII mapped to red, Ha mapped to green and OIII mapped to blue.  The stars were overlaid with RGB data to give them a near true color appearance.


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