Waid Observatory

Object: 2017 Solar Eclipse - Diamond Ring Effect
Date: Aug. 21, 2017   -   Location: Orin Junction TruckStop, Orin, WY
Telescope: TMB 92mm Refractor @ 405mm focal length   Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Credit: Preston Starr (image capture) and Donald Waid (image processing)
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2017 Solar Eclipse - Diamond Ring
2017 Solar Eclipse - Diamond Ring Effect

The Diamond Ring Effect is visible just before and just after solar eclipse totality.  This awe-inspiring vista is only visible for a few seconds.  During the final seconds of pre-totality and post-totality, most of the Sun's bright photosphere is obscured by the lunar disk.  At this time, only a small "sliver" of the photosphere shines beyond the edge of the lunar limb revealing the jewel of the Diamond Ring.  The Sun's corona, surrounding the rest of the Moon, completes this remarkable, and beautiful, Diamond Ring phenomenon.

Copyright Donald P. Waid