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Object: IC 1340 - The Bat Nebula
Date: Oct. 25-26-28, 2023    -    Location: Dark Sky Observatory - Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: 16in. RC - Mount: Paramount MEII -  Camera: FLI16803
Exposure: Ha-OIII 18x20 min. each - RGB for stars 15x2 min. each - All binned 1x1
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IC 1340


IC 1340 - The Bat Nebula

Located approximately 1,400[2] lightyears distant in the constellation Cygnus The Swan is IC 1340.  This colorful celestial object is commonly known as The Bat Nebula[2].  It is a small part of a large supernova remnant designated The Cygnus Loop[1].  The Cygnus Loop is also referred to as the Veil Nebula.  A wide field image of the Veil Nebula, along with a description, may be viewed here.  IC 1340 is located at the southern end of the Eastern Veil.  The stellar explosion that created this remarkable object occurred between 5 to 10 thousand years ago[1].

The above image is orientated with north to the right and east up.  It was captured using Ha and OIII Narrowband filters.  The image was assembled by mapping Ha to red and OIII to blue and green. The stars were overlaid with data from a red, green, and blue filtered image.  This method of assembly produces a near true color image.

1NORILAB: https://noirlab.edu/public/images/noao-ic1340/
2NASA APOD: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap211027.html

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