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Object: IC 405 - The Flaming Star Nebula
Date: Jan. 13-14-15-16, 2024  -  Location: Davis Mountains West of Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: 10 inch RC  -  Mount: Paramount-MX  -  Camera: Apogee U8300M
Exposure: LRGB = 30x10 min. each filter - (Bin 1x1)
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IC 405


IC 405

IC 405 is commonly known as the Flaming Star Nebula[1] and is also cataloged as Sharpless 2-229 and Caldwell 31.  It is comprised of a combination of both emission and reflection nebulae[1].  This impressive object is approximately 1,500 light years from the Earth[1] located in the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer.  The bright blue star near the center of the image is AE Aurigae[1].  This star is a very hot O-type variable star[2] and its intense radiation is the source illuminating the surrounding nebular structure[2].  The star AE Aurigae was not formed in the IC 405 nebula[2].  It is a rare runaway star that is traveling at a very high velocity through IC 405[2,3].  Research indicates AE Aurigae was ejected from a multiple star system in the Orion Nebula Cluster approximately 3 million years ago[3].  The violent event that is responsible for ejecting AE Aurigae is thought to be an encounter of 2 massive binary systems[3].

The above image is orientated with north up and east to the left.  Image integration and processing were accomplished using PixInsightTM and PhotoshopTM software applications.

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