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Basic Levels and Curves in PhotoShop

This is a basic tutorial introducing the use of curves and levels in PhotoShop.  Levels and curves are probably the most powerful tools that are used in astronomical image processing.  I cannot possibly demonstrate, in a short presentation, all that can be done with these tools.  In this tutorial, I just introduce the very basics.  I hope it will inspire the viewer to experiment with, and expand upon, the demonstrated techniques and procedures while applying them to their own images.

The image used for this demonstration tutorial was captured by Matt Taylor using a SBIG ST-2000XM camera.  My thanks go out to Matt for his gracious permission to use the image for this presentation.

My demonstration tutorial of the technique is scaled for a browser resolution of 1024 X 768.  If the viewer is using Internet Explorer for a browser, I suggest pressing F11 before starting the tutorial.  This will allow the browser window to show the tutorial without having to use the scroll bars.  After the tutorial finishes, press F11 again to restore the browser display to normal.

To start the presentation click here.

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