Waid Observatory

Object: M2

Date: 10/18/2019      Location: Dark Sky Observatory - Davis Mountains, Texas
Telescope: RC10   -  Camera: Apogee ALTA F8300    -  Mount: Paramount MX
Exposure: L = 60 min.  -  R = 30 min.  -  G = 25 min.  -  B = 30 min.  -  Bin 2x2
Image credit - Preston Starr and Donald Waid

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M2 (The Globular Cluster in Acquarius) 1, 2

M2 (Messier 2, NGC 7089) is a bright globular cluster of stars located in the constellation Aquarius approximately 37.5 thousand light-years from the Earth.  The cluster is composed of an estimated 150 thousand member stars.  It has an apparent magnitude of 6.5 and may be observed under dark skies using binoculars.  Individual stars can be resolved using moderate sized amateur telescopes.  The brightest stars are red and yellow giants and shine at approximately magnitude 13.1.  The age of the cluster has been determined to be about 13 billion years old.  The diameter of the cluster has been determined to be 175 thousand light-years.


  Copyright Donald P. Waid