Waid Observatory

Object: M110

Date: Oct. 23-24-25, 2020 - Telescope: Televue Genesis - Camera: ST-8300M - Mount: Paramount MYT
Location: Fort Davis, TX - Exposure: L - 120 min., R - 90 min., G - 120 min., B - 110 min., Ha - 120 min.
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M110 1

M110, also designated as NGC 205, is a small satellite galaxy of the much more renowned Andromeda Galaxy (M31).  The galaxy has an estimated population of approximately 10 billion stars.  This celestial member is remarkable in its own right but does not receive, in my opinion, the attention from amateur astronomers that it is due.  Although designated as an elliptical galaxy, it displays features not usually found in elliptical galaxies.  Normally elliptical galaxies are considered "dead" with little new star formation, however, Hubble studies have determined there is a population of young blue stars near its center and dark clouds of gas and dust near the galaxy core.  Like most elliptical galaxies, M110 appears smooth in structure without spiral arms, however, it does display a flattening of approximately 50 percent.

In 1773, Charles Messier included NGC 205 in his drawing of the Andromeda "nebula" but was not included in his list.  Based on the drawing, Kenneth Glyn Jones suggested the galaxy be included in Messier's list.  In 1966 it was assigned the designation of M110 making it the last entry in Messier's, iconic Catalogue of Nebulae and Star Clusters.


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