Waid Observatory

Object: Crater ARCHIMEDES

Date: 05/28/2004      Location: Margate, FL      Telescope: LX200GPS-12U
Camera: ST10-XME (KAF-237 Guide Chip used for imaging)
Exposure: 13 at .01 sec. through Schuler 10nm Ha filter.

  Moon Crater Archimedes<


Crater Archimedes

Archimedes is the large crater in the central portion of the image.  It is approximately 50 miles in diameter with an estimated rim height of up to 6500 feet.  It has a smooth floor which is most probably due to lava flows after it was formed.  The large crater above and a little to the right is Aristillus.  The slightly smaller crater below Aristillus is Autolycus.  The prominent crater in the lower left of the image is Timochris.

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