Waid Observatory

Object: Crater PLATO

Date: 05/28/2004      Location: Margate, FL      Telescope: LX200GPS-12U
Camera: ST10-XME (KAF-237 Guide Chip used for imaging)
Exposure: 4 at .01 sec. through Schuler 10nm Ha filter.

  Crater Plato


Crater PLATO

The crater Plato is the large crater just to the left of center in my image.  The crater is circular in formation with a very distinctive "flat" floor.  This is probably due to lava flows in the crater after it was originally formed.  Plato is approximately 61 miles in diameter with walls rising to approximately 6000 ft.  The three large craters near the right side of the image are, from top to bottom, Aristoteles, Aristillus, and Archimedes.

Copyright Donald P. Waid