Waid Observatory

Object: Sh2-112

Date: July 31, Aug. 1-3, 2023  -   Location: DSOC, Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: 16 inch RC  -  Camera: FLI 16803  -  Mount: Paramount ME II
Exposure: Ha and OIII 16x10 min. each filter - RGB for Stars 15x2 min. each filter - All Bin 2x2

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Sh2-112, as listed in the Sharpless Catalog, is a relatively small emission nebula[1] located in the constellation Cygnus the Swan[3] about 1.5 degrees from the bright star Deneb[3].  This bright nebula is excited to glow by a massive star catalogued BD+45 3216[2].  This star lies approximately 2.1 kilo parsecs (6849 light years)[2] from the Earth.  It is the bright star on the lower eastern edge of the dark dust band that transvers the nebula from the north to south.  The nebula is a stellar nursery containing a rich population of young stars with an average age of about 1 million years[2].  The displayed Sh2-112 image is oriented with north to the top and east to the left.

The image above was assembled as a bi-color image using narrowband filters.  Ha filtered data was mapped to Red and OIII data mapped to Green and Blue.  Stars were overlaid with data from a separate RGB filtered image.  This method produces a near true color image.  A Hubble Palette (SHO) version of the image may be viewed here.

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