Waid Observatory

Object: vdB-16

Date: Sept. 14, 2023  -   Location: DSOC, Fort Davis, TX
Telescope: 16 inch RC  -  Camera: FLI 16803  -  Mount: Paramount ME II
Exposure: L = 20x5 min. R,G,& B 12x5 min. each filter - All Binned 2x2

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vdB 16 is the 16th entry in van den Bergh Catalog of Reflection Nebulae[2] compiled by Sidney van den Bergh.  It is a relative small reflection nebula in the constellation Aries about 980 light-years distant[1].  This colorful blue nebula is illuminated by the class F, 9th magnitude, star cataloged HIP 16170[1].  vdB 16 is located in the very large Perseus Cloud[1].  This cloud of dust and gas extends over 500 light-years and is host to an abundance of young stars[3].  Located in the upper right of the above image is the dark nebula cataloged B 204 (LDN 1455[1].  This dark cloud of dense dust is almost devoid of any visible stars.  Such clouds, however, are sites of new star nurseries hidden by the dense dust and cool gas[4].

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