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The links below are to some of the most prestigious amateur astronomy web sites on the Internet.
Preston Starr's Dark Sky Observatory
Dr. Robert Gendler's The Universe in Color
Adam Block's Caelum Observeratory
Bill McLaughlin's Images from the Night Sky
Tony and Daphne Hallas Home Page
Jerry Lodriguss's Astrophotography
Jason Ware's Galaxy Photography
Tom W. Harrison's Mano Prieto Observatory
Warren Keller's Billions and Billions
Mike Chapa's Astroimaging
Johannes Schedler's Panther Observatory
Bill Snyder's Astrophotography
Ken Crawford's Rancho Del Sol Observatory
Russel Croman's Astrophotagrophy
Dr. Don Goldman's Astrodon Imaging Products
Jim Misti's Misti Mountain Observatory
R Jay GaBany's Cosmotography
Steve Cannistra's Starry Wonders
David Collings's Blue Ridge Observatory
Mark Sibole's Tin Shed Observatory
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