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Waid Observatory Gallery of Images

Use the menu buttons above to select the category of image you wish to browse.  An index of images with thumbnails will be displayed.  Click on the thumbnail to display the image.  The equipment used to acquire the image, exposure information, and a brief description of the object is included on the image page. Many of the images are available to be displayed in a high-resolution format.  If this is available it may be viewed by clicking on the displayed image.

Some high-resolution images are best viewed in an expanded browser window.  To enlarge the viewing window in the Windows Explorer Browser, press the F11 key.  To restore the window to its normal size simply press F11 again.

I hope you will enjoy the images available on this web site.  Be sure to check back often.  I post new images as they are acquired and processed.

Any of the visitors to my web site may suggest an object for imaging.  I can not promise to image it immediately, but I will consider it and try to accommodate the request.  Use the "Contact" menu choice to email the request.

Clear skies,

Don Waid

Copyright Donald P. Waid