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Welcome to Waid Observatory
The Waid Observatory is a privately owned amateur facility operated from two locations.  My home observatory located on the outskirts of Denton, Texas and remote facilities located in the Davis Mountains west of Fort Davis, Texas.  These observatories are dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of Amateur Astronomy and, in particular, to the imaging of celestial wonders of the night sky.
Recent Images

vdB 16
NGC 7009
Saturn Nebula
NGC 6618
The Swan Nebula
IC 1295
IC 1295
NGC 6656 - M22
NGC 6888
The Crescent Nebula
NGC 4490
NGC 4490 - ARP 269
Messier 84
M84 & M86
Sombrero Galaxy
The Owl Nebula
NGC 2841
NGC 2841
NGC 2903
Flame Nebula
Orion Nebula
Headphones Nebula
Abell 21
Medusa Nebula
NGC 7331
Deer Lick Group
NGC 1514
Crystal Ball Nebula
Abell 85
Abell-85 / CTB-1
NGC 891
NGC 891
The Tulip Nebula
M81 & Holmberg IX
Abell 7
Abell 7
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Grayscale Standard

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